Saturday, 13 May 2017

Exploring In The Sun On A Sunday

So after having one of the longest and most draining weeks me, my sister and my dad decided to get out, make the most of the sun and explore Portchester castle. We live soooo close but for some reason we've never been and now I really want to go back, its so damn beautiful! I think summer might be finally here (at last!!!)
Also recently I've started to fall back in love with photography after having a marmite love/hate relationship with it so which I'm sooo happy about!

Friday, 28 April 2017

A Late Night Charlotte Tilbury Splurge

So a late night spree on Feel Unique on payday resulted me in ordering my first bits from Charlotte Tilbury and oh my god are they worth the splurge. The plum burgundy and rose gold packaging is to die for and it feels so luxurious.
The Filmstar Bronze & Glow has been on my high end wish list for ages and I so regret not getting it sooner. It is SO good. The bronzer shade has quickly become my favourite, it makes for a perfect contour and all over bronzer as its matte and not to orangey at all. The highlight has also become a favourite as you can easily make it natural or build it up for more. Its shimmery without being glittery, ahh its sooo worth the money.
I got two Eyes To Mesmerise in Jean and Marie Antionette, two perfect summer shades. They are both craaaazy pigmented, creamy and long lasting and they blend out like a dream. I'm already making a wish list for more shades!
The final thing I picked up is a matte revolution lipstick in Very Victoria. When it comes to natural lipsticks I'm a full on lover of a 'kinda brown, kinda pink' shade and this is the perfect lipstick for that. Don't get put off when you hear matte either because it is so hydrating and long lasting which for my dry lips is so rare to come across. I'm definitely eyeing up some more shades from the matte revolution range.
I'm so glad I finally splurged on these bits and I can't wait to get my hands on more.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Topshop Beauty Haul

I've never tried anything from the topshop beauty range before but the other day I found myself staring and wanting pretty much everything on the stand and well my bank balance did not appreciate it!
I only picked up a couple things but I now I've tried them I"m definitely going to pick up some more.
I got two lipsticks in 'Mink' and 'Kindred.' Mink is definitely a your lips but better shade which makes it perfect for throwing in your handbag and applying it through out the day. Kindred however is a lot darker, it may not look it in the photos but for the summer it's definitely more of an evening shade, it would look great in the day time in winter though.
I picked up one lip liner and to be honest this is the one thing I don't use as much, the shade doesn't really suit me and I felt like all it did was dry my lips out so I'm a bit disappointed. I am temped to try some more natural shades though or maybe a different formula if they bring some out.
For eyes I've bee loving using the smoke sticks in 'Realm' and 'Trickster'. To be honest ever since I got them, I haven't used anything else!!! They are both great every day shades but they also make great evening shades too!! I can't wait to get some more in other colours for summer, they seriously last alllllll day and don't budge.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Getting over a bad week

We've all had those weeks where all you want to do is curl up in your duvet, become a burrito and watch re runs of gossip girl all day and this week has been no exception. It's been stressful, upsetting and most of all frustrating. When it gets like that it hard to focus on anything else when its all you really want to do. I took this weekend to clear my head about the last 7 days and to focus on starting fresh on Monday and along the way I've found some things that really did help.

Let It Out
It doesn't matter how but just let it out. Whether you write it, say it, sing it, scream it, or even text it, just get it out! Tell someone whats going on might scare you or worry you but honestly it will automatically make you feel a million times better once you've done it. 

Lean on People
Lean on people for support and surround yourself with friends and family. People you trust, w ]ho are happy and that you always have a good time with because then no matter what happens, you know you've got good eggs around you. 

Let the little things go
When you're having a crappy week it's easy to let even the littlest of things get to you so it's important to step back and gain some prospective. What you might of just let slide in a good week, can feel like the end of the world when you're having a shit week. Was someones snarky comment really the worst thing in the world or was it just another petty little thing on top of the big things?? Deal with the big things first and worry about the petty little things later.

Look after yourself
When you're having a tough week don't forget to love yourself a little bit more. Have a mid week pamper night by turning your phone off, having a bubble bath, using a face mask and actually RELAX. It might be hard because your head might be spinning a hundred miles an hour but just try and let yourself calm down and gather your thoughts.  It really does help.

Refresh for Monday
Monday might normally be your least favourite day of the week because it means getting up early for work after the weekend but after a crappy week surely the best thing is having a fresh start on a Monday morning? Think of it as a clean slate and make sure the new week isn't as bad as the one before.

Friday, 3 March 2017

19 things I've learnt in 19 years

Well considering my 19th birthday was well over a month ago this post is long overdue but hey ho, here goes

1. Hold on to your loved ones, they're not here forever
2. Take photos to remember the good days
3. Positivity will always eventually outweigh negativity
4. We all have bad days
5. Do more of what you love
6. Don't live life through a screen
7. Appreciate whats on your doorstep
8. Your oldest friends aren't always the best ones
9. Know what you want and go for it
10. Sing your heart out where you want and when you want (even if sounds awful)
11. Eat that third bag of crisps or second slice of cake
12. Treat your damn self
13. Your first love probably won't be your last
14. If you're unhappy with something, change it
15. Don't let someone tell you you're not good enough
16. Express yourself whatever way you want
17. No makeup days are the best kind of days
18. Before taking care of others, take care of yourself first
19. Pick your battles

Friday, 3 February 2017

New In Zoeva

Everyone knows I looooove everything Zoeva. Every time they release something new I'm the first in line to get it and this release was no exception. A brand new all matte palette was enough and then they released new brushes and brow products with it!
I use the palette literally everyday at the moment as all 10 shades are wearable. The bright red and purple may look scary but trust me, blended into the crease they're really not that bad and mixed with the other shades it looks lovely. The browns in the palette make for really nice all over the lid shades if you just want a natural wash of colour. The white has a warm hint to it making it a good matte brow highlight or base for a other shades. In all honesty I could rave about this palette forever and all you really need to know is that Zoeva have nailed it once again.
The palette is only available from the Zoeva website but shipping to the UK is so easy it shouldn't be a problem. I reeeeally recommend you get it!
The only new brush I picked up is the 135 Petite Face Definer and oh my god its my new favourite foundation brush. It's just amazing. It's dense whilst being soft and tapered making it so bloody easy to blend my trusty Loreal True Match in. I love that its tapered because you can blend around the eyes really well too and if I'm feeling lazy I'll blend my under eye concealer with it. I can't see myself using another foundation brush for a really really long time.
The last thing I picked up from the new range is the Brow Light. Theres only one shade of this product and if I'm being honest its not a colour I would normally pick for me but I really like it. I don't use it everyday, it's more of a 'full on night out face' product but it works really well if you do it quite subtly and blend it. It helps create a more shimmery and glowy eye look that's gunna be perfect for summer.

Saturday, 31 December 2016

Goodbye 2016

2016 was one of the hardest years of my life. It's been a year full of negatives and positives and frustratingly for the most part, the negatives outweigh the positives.  
Don't get me wrong, the positives are pretty special. I turned 18, celebrated with a weekend in London, started driving lessons, got a full time job which I love, got back into photography, found a new love in baking, made brand new friendships and made more memories with old ones.
However where there was a high, there as a low. When my Grandad passed away in January I was forced to grow up and deal with things that before I wouldn't of even thought were going to happen to me. It was a shock and something that came out of absolutely no where. He was one of the best people in the world. It's nearly a year he's been gone now and if I'm being honest I'm still struggling. It's got easier but I still haven't got my head around it and to be honest I don't think I ever will. I've never experienced loss before and I didn't expect it to feel like it did. Writing this post in March actually helped a lot because for the first time in 3 months I actually got everything I was feeling written down and out of my mind.
Losing my grandad shaped 2016 for me. The rest of the year was a blur. I held back so much because I just wasn't myself. All of my friends were moving on, living life and experiencing so many firsts like normal 18 year olds but I didn't want to do any of that. I felt silly that something that happened at the beginning of the year was still affecting me. However it did make me realise who my true friends are. Going through what I did made me realise that you can have a best friend, someone you talk to all the time, but as soon as shit gets real and you're the one in a bad place going through something more important than their recent boring boyfriend drama, they will disappear off the face of the earth with no care in the world. But you know what, why would I want that "I'll only talk if we can chat about my very insignificant relationship drama instead of your rock bottom struggles which I know you're going through" person in my life? I don't. After saying that though, if it wasn't for my family and true friends, I don't actually know where I would be right now. 
2017 will be better. I'm determined to go outside of my comfort zone a little more. Maybe I'll actually say "yes" to the invitation of a night out and maybe I'll go away more and not just live on the sofa on my days off work. I want to focus of myself and get myself back to me again. I feel like after what I've been through in the last year, I can just about get through anything now. Yes I probably will still have crappy days but thats all part of it and I've learnt how to deal with them.
I've set myself simple goals. I want to pass my driving test, continue with photography and baking and most importantly make sure there are more positives than negatives by the end of the year.
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