Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Eyes | Spring Pinks

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Check me out posting 3 days in a row, this never happens!
Today I wanted to tell you guys about the eye look I wear pretty much everyday now. It includes the Naked 3 palette and 'gleam' from MAC. I think 'gleam' is the most underrated eye shadow, its so gorgeous yet I hear no one talk about it!
This photo does not do the eyes shadow justice and I apologise for that! It looks really pink in the pan but on the eye is has a hint of gold's which make it perfect for spring and summer.
I apply this all over my eyelid using any fluffy brush (mainly the base shadow brush from Real Techniques). It is really shimmery so I tend to 'pat' it on instead of sweeping to prevent fall down.
Then I take 'limit' from the Naked 3 palette which is a lovely matte baby pink and apply that in my crease quite generously and I take it up quite high s it blends into my skin tone quite nicely. I use the shading brush from Real Techniques as its the perfect size for my crease. I then use another fluffy brush to blend the two eye shadows together but I blend really softly as the shimmer may ruin the matte crease otherwise.
Then on the same shading brush I take 'nooner' which is another matte pink in the Naked 3 palette but is darker than limit. I then apply this to the outer corner of my eye and take it into the crease just a little bit. I'm quite precise with this shade as it is quite dark and I don't want it to overrule the other two light spring colours.
Then I apply a little bit of limit and nooner under my eye using my accent brush from Real Techniques just to finish off the look.
I did a post on mastering the art of under the eye eye shadow which you can read here.
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  1. I can't wait to try the naked 3 palette, although I think the naked 2 is pretty hard to beat...

    xx, Be || lovefrombe

  2. Love the hoice of colours and they look great with anything. Last year i wore similar tones through the whole of Spring and Summer.


  3. Super pretty shades! Love the Naked 3 palette for spring/summer


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