Thursday, 5 June 2014

That Dreaded Chore

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I quite like this daily blogging thing maybe I'll keep it up?!
Today I'm talking about what I think Is the one part of beauty that I find a chore. Cleaning my makeup brushes. Argh.
I thought I would share with you how I do it and what products I use.
I use Boots' own sensitive shampoo to wash my brushes. Its cheap and does the job so why not! It only costs £3.49 and only a tiny drop I needed.
I run a bowl of warm water and put a tiny drop of the shampoo in. Then I gently 'swish' the brush around and rub of any water excess on a tissue. I repeat the process until the brush is fully clean and do this for every brush.
Obviously, the bigger the brush the more water it soaks up so I tend to dry of the excess water onto a tissue more often depending on the size of the brush.
Then I leave them to dry (normally overnight.) My key tip is to leave the brushes over an edge so the brush dries of and forms its original shape.
I also leave them on a tissue so any excess water is easy to clean up after.
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