Sunday, 1 June 2014

Worth The Splurge #1

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Today I'm starting a new series on my blog called 'Worth The Splurge'. Recently I've been really getting into high end make up so I thought when I do decide to treat myself with something a little bit expensive I would do a 'Worth the Splurge' post to tell you guys about it. Obviously it will only be mentioned in this new series if it good as that kind of defeats the title haha!?
Now to start the series I'm talking about the Naked 3 palette. I know you've probably heard about it before by a lot of people but I've never reviewed it on my blog and this is the perfect opportunity to.

Naked 3 Palette | £37 | Debenhams
This photo only shows 9 of the 12 eye shadow shades you get in the palette. All 12 shades are gorgeous and all have a hint of pink even if its now obvious in the pan. You can create many looks with this palette and the hints of pinks make it perfect for spring and summer. All of the eye shadows blend really easily and they also blend well with eye shadows form other brands like MAC or Sleek.
The packaging of the palette is a beautiful rose gold hard case that protects the eye shadows perfectly which makes the palette perfect for travelling. Also the brush that is included in the palette is surprisingly good for blending and shading and I use it often.
When you buy the palette you get 4 samples of Urban Decays famous primer potion. You get a sample of 'Original', 'Eden', 'Anti-Ageing' and 'Sin'. All of which are great primers and the samples last ages!
I definitely recommend this to any eye shadow lover and if you haven't purchased it already, what's keeping you!?
I just wanted to say a big thank you as I hit 80 GFC followers yesterday which I know to most people is nothing but to me its a lot and slightly crazy that I'm so close to 100!
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  1. Congrats on reaching another milestone! Lovely post! I definitely need to purchase this palette. Great blog. Just followed! :)


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