Wednesday, 23 July 2014

July Favourites 2014

I've had this palette for quite a while now but only recently started to use it regularly. The mix of shades are all wearable, highly pigmented and easily blendable. For only £7.99 it's great value for money as you get 12 shades n the palette.
I used this as a base for my eye shadow I wore at prom and it helped it last all night. It is quite pricy at £16 but you can get a smaller version for £8 which still lasts a long time. I've tried Urban Decay's latest additions to their eye shadow primer range but the original still and always will be my favourite.
I've been through so many of these blushers it's ridiculous but as they're only £1 I can't resist! It's a gorgeous natural shade that gives your cheeks a natural blush. It is quite powdery so you don't need that much on your brush when applying as a little goes a long way. I'm definitely looking forward to trying the other shades in the range.
I picked this up the other day in my local Boots after wanting for quite some time now. I've heard some rave reviews about the range and how they're very similar to the Urban Decay ones. After trying it a few times I can see why every one loves it. The shade I got 'Bronze' is a lovely warm shimmery brown that compliments nude eye shadows perfectly.
I bought these for my prom as I needed some cheap ones that I didn't mind loosing but I was pleasantly surprised at how good they were! At only £4.50 they are really cheap but really good quality. I highly recommend them if you are in need of a cheap pair.

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  1. great picks! x


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