Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Top 3 Favourites | Pink

Today is a slightly different post but something I would like to carry on posting with different colours. Obviously not all items have to be related to beauty but it just so happened my Pink favourites are! 
Firstly, this smells amazing and just like summer. Also the packaging is so cute and very summery. You can get smaller bottles of this including a travel size which is very handy. It's really not that expensive (the largest bottle costing £4.99) compared to other dry shampoos on the market but to me, Batiste is the best.
This is my favourite lip scrub from LUSH and I don't see myself ever using another one. The Bubble gum flavour is very sweet (and very delicious!) which makes it even more appealing! Also it lasts a very long time which makes it worth the £5.50 price tag.
This stuff is like summer in a tub. The strong scent of raspberry's is very fresh and the consistency of the body butter is very creamy. It sinks in to your skin in a matter of seconds leaving it smooth and moisturised. I've found this product is also great for cooling sun burn on my shoulders meaning its also great for dry skin.


  1. i love batiste dry shampoo its amazing! id love it if youd comment back http://www.amyelizabethfashion.com/2014/07/white-mesh.html xx

  2. i love all of these! x

  3. I love this idea, I haven't seen something like this before! The nspa body butter looks great, I think i'll give it a go when my current body butter runs out!

    Amy X


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