Monday, 27 October 2014

A Mini Lush Haul

So yesterday I ventured into Lush to have a peak at the new Halloween and Christmas range and I just had to buy something! I did restrict myself to only getting a couple of things but I still though I would share them with you.
I don't normally buy soap from Lush but when I saw this I couldn't resist. Its the same scent as the comforter bubble bar which is one of my all time favourites. If you haven't smelt the comforter before it smells just like blackcurrant and berries. Its amazing.
This bath bomb is to celebrate bonfire night and I'm so excited to try it. It has a similar scent to Rose Jam but definitely isn't as strong. The bath bomb also has popping candy inside which I'm sure will be great in the bath.
This was one of my favourites in last years Christmas range so I'm so happy they've brought it back! It's a bubble bar so will last a few different baths making it worth the money. If I remember rightly it creates sooo many bubbles. It also smells amazing, a little bit citrusy is anything. I know I'll be quickly repurchasing this when I've run out of the one I've already got!

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  1. Hello! I've nominated your for the Liebster Award! Sorry if you've already done it , if you have could you link me too it so I can take a look? If you haven't please link me to it once you have done it! Love Laura Elizabeth xo


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