Sunday, 15 February 2015

My Muji Storage

I've wanted to buy myself some muji storage for ages now and I finally caved. I'm so happy I bought it as it's reasonably priced but keeps my make up neat and tidy. I only keep my most used makeup in these draws which is mainly eye shadows, mascaras,  blushers and lip products.
I keep my benefit perfume set and my benefit Christmas blush set on top with my brushes and Marc Jacobs daisy dream perfume as I use them daily too.
The main thing I love about these draws is that when you have more makeup to store away you can purchase more draws and stack them.
I recommend these draws to everyone as they are handy for storing anything, not just makeup.


  1. In love with Muji storage x

  2. I've never heard of these, but I love how they're clear!
    Pretty flowers, by the way.

  3. Hey, these pictures look lovely and I'm so jealous of your make up collection!
    Could you please checkt out my blog as well? :) Just followed!
    I am new here but I already uploaded some beauty posts and a lot travelogues.

    Thank you!


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