Friday, 3 April 2015

The Perfect Duo For A Spring Base

I've never been one to wear foundation. I've just never really got into it. I wear concealer where I need it, mainly under my eyes and to cover up any blemishes but for me I've never really needed to cover my face in a think layer of product. However, recently I've been reading blog posts and watching youtube videos about newer foundations and tinted moisturisers that even out your skin tone and give you cover where you need it without it looking really cakey and thick. After looking around for recommendations on any good drugstore ones I found this CC Cream from Bourjois.
For £9.99 I wasn't expecting it be amazing but after wearing it for a while now I'm really impressed. It's just what I was looking for as it gives me some coverage whilst not looking to heavy or to orange. When applied it feels really light on my skin which is another bonus for me and it lasts all day. I still have to wear concealer to cover up any major blemishes but it covers any darkness under my eyes perfectly as it colour corrects.
It is perfect for spring/summer as it is a light coverage so my freckles and hopefully my tan (when the suns out!) can still be seen.
When I bought the CC Cream I also bought the Expert Face Brush from Real Techniques to apply it. You could probably use your hands to apply the CC Cream if I'm honest but after trying both ways of application using the brush is definitely nicer. The brush just helps to blend and buffer it into the skin making the finish even more natural.


  1. Hey, I really enjoyed reading this blog post and I too post similar content over on my blog but i'm only just getting started. I'd love for you to have a read if you have a moment? I too don't really wear foundation, but i'll be sure to check this one out if they have my shade!
    Thanks, Gemma.

  2. I have been using this since last summer and its amazing. I was really suprised by the coverage x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

  3. Nice post! I love this CC-cream as well and I'm not sure if there are more shades but I already have two of it, for summer and winter haha :)
    Love, QT. <3


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