Saturday, 8 August 2015

Spending Way To Much In Lush Oxford Street

I have always loved lush a little too much. I can't walk past a lush shop without going n and buying something. I just love it. So when Lush opened its biggest store in the world on Oxford Street I knew I had to go! I went yesterday for the first time and oh my goodness it's heaven. I could of bought one of absolutely everything but luckily my mum was with me to stop me from ruining my bank balance!
Most of the products I bought are exclusives to the oxford street store but some of them are now available online or even in other stores now.

The first thing I picked up is the Layer Cake Soap.
There were sooo many new soaps available in the store but this one grabbed my attention. 
I don't really like strong woody or really sweet scents so the most of the soaps I picked up and put straight back but not this one! Layer Cake soap smells and looks exactly like a fruit pastille lolly which is just amazing. I love fruity/citrusy scents so I knew I had to get this. Its £3.40 for 100g and I picked up a pre wrapped block off just over 100g at £4.90 so its reasonably priced.
I then picked up Refresher Shower Jelly for £3.50 (100g). I love Lush shower jellys so when I saw this bright gold one I put it straight in my basket before I even smelt it. I'm so happy I did buy it though because it smells exactly like fruity lemon.

Next I got Big Bang Bubble Bar which is still an Oxford Street exclusive but its so pretty! I can't wait to use this as I think it'll turn my bath a really bright blue and hopefully it produces loads of bubbles!
I also picked up the Little Dragon Bubble Bar which is still an exclusive to the store. I saw this when I was on my way to the till and I couldn't resist it! You use it like a bubble wand were you swirl it in the bath and it produces bubbles! You use it more than once making it well worth your money!
I also got the Green Bubbleroon which has been 'ravamped' and looks so much brighter now!

I spent most of my money on bath bombs. There were soo many to choose from but the staff were friendly and helpful and they helped me pick the best ones!
I got the Frozen Bath Bomb which is now available online and in other stores. Being based around one of my favorite films I obviously had to get it! It has grapefruit and rose in it and the it smells oh so good. I can already see myself buying more of these!
What really sold me on the Yoga Bomb is that its full of colours inside! I wasn't really sure on the smell of it so a lovely woman in the shop showed me what it looks like in water and I was sold, its soo pretty when the colours run into the water. It's not just orange!
I already knew I had to get the Intergalactic bomb after seeing so many people rave about it, hopefully i won't be disappointed!
I got the Experimenter on a bit of a whim because after seeing so many people talk about it, I was a little disappointed when I smelt it. I still bought it though because it  looks so colourful!
 I got the Golden Slumbers bath bomb which is still an exclusive. This was being demoed in store and after seeing the golden glittery water it went straight in my basket!
I also got the Sacred Lotus bath bomb which is so crumbly but smells amazing and I can't wait to use it. The last bath bomb I got is the Guardians Of The Forest bomb. I believe this is still exclusive. I can't wait to use this because it smells so lovely and I can't wait to have a green a bath!

The last two products I got are two bath oils. There were soooo many to choose from but I restricted myself and bought 2!
I got Orange Blossom and Melting Marshmallow Moment. A lovely guy in the shop recommended these two and after saying how relaxing and calming they are, I had to buy them! All the bath oils are £2 each so you can't really can't go wrong!

I also bought myself the exclusive oxford street tote bag to carry all my products in as I was going to be walking around London for the rest of the day.

I really recommend going to Lush in Oxford Street if you are a massive Lush fan like me, its such a good experience  and everyone who works there are so lovely and friendly and are always willing to give you help or advice. I really can't wait to back at christmas time because I bet the shop will look amazing, let alone what new products they might have!



  1. It all looks amazing!! I need to go to Oxford Street!!

  2. oooh I just love lush. their products are always so fun


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