Friday, 9 October 2015

Lush Winter Haul | 2015

I made an online Lush order for everything #LushWinter as soon as it was released and thought it was only fair to show you all the amazingness that is the 2015 Winter collection!

I first got a couple of things from the Halloween Collection. I got the Lord Of Misrule bath bomb which I'm so excited to use after loving it last year. It starts of green in your bath but an explosion of pink soon appears. It has a subtle scent of vanilla which is just amazing.
From the Halloween line I also got the Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar.This is a lovely citrusy, glittery bubble bar that I can't wait to try.

From the Christmas line I got the Santa's Belly Shower Jelly. I love the Lush Shower Jelly's and this has quickly become a favourite. It smells of apples and lemons which surprisingly really lovely. The next product I got is the The Icing on the Cake Roulade. Roulades are a new product to Lush, mainly only available in the Oxford Street store but this Christmas one is available everywhere. It helps moisturise your skin as it lathers up really well. It's so creamy as well making it great for shaving!
I also got The Magic of Christmas reusable bubble bar. It's a new product for the 2015 winter range and I love it. I love how its presented on a cinnamon stick which really helps keep the christmassy vibe and scent. It's so worth the money as you'll get so many baths full of bubbles out of it.
One of my favourite items I picked up is the Peeping Santa bubble bar. It's just SO cute. It even has chocolate eyes which is amazing! It's also really creamy as it has cocoa butter in so I'm hoping it'll make my skin feel really smooth.
Another bath bomb I got is the Yog Nog bomb. The Yog Nog soap is so popular so I'm glad they made a bath bomb to match the lovely soap. It's full of shea butter so I know it'll keep skin feeling soft. I can't wait to have a gold and glitter filled bath!
Bar Humbug is another bubble bar I picked up. One thing I will say is that it's so tiny for the price! You could probably get a couple of baths out of it but personally I'll probably use it all at once because I love loads of bubbles.However this smells amazing, just like the Bah Humbug sweets!
I just had to pick up a Golden Wonder bath bomb as I LOVED it last year! It's full of colour, glitter and stars. It's just amazing.
Another bubble bar I got is called Holly Golightly and its a brand new product. It's just lovely, it smells of oranges and limes (my favourite scent!) and its so big, you'll be able to get lots of baths out of it.
Another bath bomb I still love from last year is the Luxury Lush Pud bomb. It's full of colours and confetti (what more could you want!!??) Just buy one!
Shoot For The Stars bath bomb is another product I got which I love. It's another citrussy scent which is full of colour and it makes a galaxy in your bath! It's an old favourite from last year and I'm so happy they bought it back.
The last product I got is the Father Christmas bath bomb which just somes up Christmas. It smells just like snow fairy which is just dreamy, Don't be fooled by the pastel pink on the outside, once its in your bath a bright pink is revealed and then a vivid green! 
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  1. oh my lord this is heaven! i wonder how long it'll take you to use all those up!

    Hannah at HNNHVNBLS


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