Saturday, 30 January 2016

Celebrating My 18th Birthday In London

This past week I've been busy celebrating my 18th birthday!! As my sister also turns 21 three days after my birthday, we splashed out and started the celebrations with a couple of nights away in London with our parents. We stayed right on oxford street in a lovely hotel and me and my sister arrived to find birthday balloons and free champagne in our room which was such a lovely touch. We were also quick to order room service as we had to get ready to go out to watch Billy Elliot which was AMAZING by the way.
Sorry about the lack of makeup and my messy hair in the next two photo's (we'd been travelling for 3 hours!!)
The next day (Thursday) was my actual birthday so after opening my lovely presents we decided to go shopping on oxford street. Our first stop was obviously the disney store where we spent far to much money but it was SO worth it. It's honestly so good in there, if you are a lover of all things disney, its worth the trip!
After some more shopping and a quick trip to the Topshop Photo Booth it was time for my main birthday present. A trip to the lush spa!! I am the biggest fan of lush so for me, a trip to their spa was the best birthday present ever.
(sorry for the quality of the next three photos, they're taken on my phone!!)
I went with my sister who had the comforter treatment and loved it but I chose the treatment 'Hard Days Night.' It was incredible. Alana, who did the treatment, was so lovely and after I told her it was my first trip to any spa she was so understanding, making me feel so comfortable and she didn't rush me at all. After chatting about the treatment she showed me to the treatment room which was just gorgeous. The treatment is inspired by Liverpool and Beatles music so it was lovely to hear acoustic Beatles songs in the background. The pyjamas which are apart of the treatment were surrounded by a hot water bottle so they were all warm and cosy when you put them on. What I though was really sweet is that Alana later put the hot water bottle on my clothes so they were all warm when I put them back on!! The treatment lasted 80 minutes and it was heaven. Afterwards she made me a cuppa tea with jammie dodgers and a golden slumbers bath bomb to keep you relaxed when you're home. Alana also gave me a full bag of goodies as it was my birthday which I thought was so thoughtful. The bag was full of bath bombs, bubble bars, lip scrubs and face masks!!
I'll definitely be returning!!
To end our amazing stay in London, on my birthday night we went to my favourite restaurant, Bella Italia. All of our food was amazing, as were the many cocktails we had (oops!!)
Kimono Playsuit | ASOS
Loreal True Match Foundation | N3 Creamy Beige 
Benefit Rollerlash Mascara
Benefit Hoola Bronzer
Naked Smokey Palette
MAC Fast Play Lipstick

On Saturday, when we were home, we celebrated both of our birthdays with the rest of our family. Our cake was so good, my side had lush bath bombs and Amy's had a minnie mouse bow!!
I've honestly had the best few days ever and now I can't wait to celebrate Amy's 21st tomorrow!!

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Zoeva Nude Spectrum Eye Shadow Palette | Review

I've loved Zoeva makeup for such a long time now so when I heard they were releasing a more luxury spectrum collection I made sure to pick something up. Out of the 3 eye shadow palettes and 3 blush palettes available I chose the eye shadow palette in 'Nude Spectrum.'
Firstly let's talk packaging. It's gorgeous, the black with copper foil looks so luxurious and makes it look much more expensive that it actually is. You get 15 shades in the palette, a mix of mattes, shimmers and frosts. All of them are lovely shades that all have great pigmentation. They all blend together so well and they feel so buttery and lovely on the lid with not to much fall down. The range of nudes is also great as they go from light to dark making it easy to create different looks and smokey eyes.  
I really love this palette and really recommend it if you're looking for a new nude palette.

Friday, 1 January 2016

A Letter For 2015

Today's post is a little different as I had the idea of doing a little round up of 2015. As it's now the new year I've been thinking back through the past 12 months and I wanted to share what I've learnt along the way with you.

When it comes to friends, it's quality over quantity.
The main thing I've realised over the past 12 months has definitely been learning who my real friends are. I used to have the biggest group of friends but slowly over a matter of time I got to know which of them were true friends and I've quickly learnt the golden rule of 'Quality over Quantity.' I may only have a couple of really close friends now but I would choose those girls over a massive group any day.

Do what makes YOU happy
I wrote a post about this a while ago now but wanted to lightly touch on it again. In April 2015 I made the biggest decision of my life which was to leave college 2 weeks before my exams and start an apprenticeship. It was such a scary move as my AS Exams were so close but looking back I do not regret a thing. At the time college made me so unhappy, so to be able to cut that out of my life felt amazing.

Sometimes you need a day in your jammies
Now this may be a silly one but it's so true. Sometimes you just need a day watching films with some crappy food in your pyjamas. There really is nothing better when you feel poorly, anxious, stressed or even just a little bit tired. It's so good to take some chill time (even if it turns into the whole day!)

Take time out of your day to unplug
This kind of links to the previous point but after watching Ingrid Nilsen's video on anxiety and stress I've been taking 15 minutes out of every day to unplug. I turn my phone off, find a quiet corner and write about my day and thoughts, I sometimes even do some colouring! You could do anything like reading a book or completing a crossword, anything that isn't plugged in basically. It's really calming and helps bring yourself back to reality and gather your thoughts.

Get out
I love doing this. Anytime I feel anxious or stressed I just get outside. Even if its a 5 minute walk to the shop, getting outside can really help clear your head. I love just putting my earphones in, blaring some James Bay and taking my camera out to get some photos. It really does help when you feel like you're trapped or drowning in thoughts.

Find something you love to do
The last 6 months I've found something I love doing and that's baking. I just love it. It's something I really love doing and having that hobby is so great. I really recommend finding something you love, like photography or writing and putting it into your blog posts. I'll definitely be writing some more recipe posts in 2016.
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