Monday, 21 March 2016

Neapolitan Cupcakes | Recipe

For the Biscuit Base:
200g Bourbon Biscuits
50g Melted Butter
1tbsp Golden Syrup
For the Cupcakes:
125g Self Raising Flour
125g Caster Sugar
1/4 tsp Bicarbonate of Soda
125g Unsalted Butter
2 Eggs
Vanilla Extract
200g Unsalted Butter
450g Icing Sugar
6-8tbsp Smooth Strawberry Jam
Start by lining your cupcake tray with your cases and preheating your oven to 170 degree Celsius. Then take your Bourbons and bash them into small crumbs. I do this by putting them in a bag and bashing them with a rolling pin but a food blender will also do the trick! Then mix in your butter a (melted) and your golden syrup. Then put about a table spoon into the bottom of each case and pack it in (I use the flat bottom of a 1/2 cup measurement) anyway you can so it's not all loose.
Then you make the cupcake batter. Start of by adding all the dry ingredients (flour, caster sugar, bicarbonate of soda) and then mix in your butter, vanilla extract and 2 eggs until the mixture is smooth but still quite thick. Then add about a ping pong ball sized amount onto the top of your biscuit base in the cupcake cases and even if it so every cupcake has the same amount. Fill the cases about 3/4's of the way full.
Then bake your cupcakes for 20-22 minutes.
To make the Icing simply mix together your icing sugar and butter until its completely smooth and and light (it takes a good 5-10 minutes on a medium speed to make it light enough) and then add the strawberry jam. The strawberry jam replaces the milk in this recipe but if your icing is still quite thick feel free to add a splash of milk. Mix the strawberry jam in the icing for a couple of minutes (the icing will turn a lovely strawberry pick colour!)
Then once your cakes are out of the oven and completely cooled, feel free to pipe the icing on or simply spoon it on! I decided to pipe mine with a wilton 1M tip.


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