Sunday, 1 May 2016

Taking Two Steps Forward

There's only so much optimism and happiness you can object into a difficult situation. Sometimes just as you manage to take 2 steps forward, a hundred more things happen and they push you 10 steps back.
The most important thing that I want to get across in this post is that you don't need to rush. If it takes you 5 days or 5 months to take 2 steps forward it's okay. Trust me, it took me at least 2 months to find my feet again let alone take any steps forward. What you're going through could be really really tiny or really really big, it doesn't matter. You will get there in your own time. Don't let anyone phase you. You take as much time as you want.
Don't worry if everyone around you is running ahead and you're not. Even if it feels like everyone you know is having the happiest months of their life, it's okay for you to be having the most difficult months of yours. No matter how much you want to run and catch up with them, don't try to rush things that need time. It will all fall into place eventually but first you've got to deal with whatever is stopping you from taking those 2 steps forward. You have to focus on yourself because at the end of the day as long as you have enough strength for tomorrow, you're doing good.

Looking back now, I'm in such a better place and that's down to me. I've taken the last couple of months to work on me and its definitely helped. Don't get me wrong, I'm still wobbly. I'll be absolutely fine one minute but as soon as someone says "do you think about it often?" I'll be a complete crying mess again but that's okay. What's important is that I built up enough strength to take those first 2 steps by myself. I didn't let anyone phase me, push me back down or make me stressed. I took my own time and it may be 4 months later but I'm now slowly getting there.

I will say though, you should do whatever it takes to get back up on your feet. Whether it's finding new music and enjoying it (for me, I found Florence + The Machine and now I'M OBSESSED), cutting ties from anyone the brings you down, writing, a relaxing bubble bath or getting stuck in a good book. I've found it's all the small things that help.

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