Saturday, 30 December 2017

Most Used Faves | 2017

This bunch of products are what I've used pretty much every day this year and I can see myself continuing to use them in 2018. I've bought these all myself after seeing so many people rave about them and they've now become part of my holy grail products that I will forever repurchase.
Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara
This is honestly the best mascara I have ever used, I always reach for this one and to be honest I've ended up throwing all of my other mascaras away because nothing comes close to this! It gives you everything you need and for only £7 what more could you want!!

Lush Sleepy Body Lotion
Now this has to be one of the most hyped products of this year, everybody was talking about it and as the Lush fan I am, I had to cave in and buy it. It took me a while to get into a habit of using it regularly but trust me, it's so good. I know most people used it to help them get a good nights sleep as its full of calming lavender but for me it's just an all round good hydrating lotion that has helped my dry skin SO much.

Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder
Now this has to be my favourite find of 2017. After searching for what felt like ages for a light/medium coverage foundation thats suitable for my dry and patchy skin I came across this and it is so worth the price tag. I've gone through tubes and tubes of it this year and to be honest I don't see myself changing to another foundation in a loooong time.

Still Magnificent Metals Eyeshadow
I've done a post all about these amazing products but I just had to include them in this post too. In 2017 for an everyday makeup look I've got into the habit of not using any eyeshadow but for times where I want a little something (especially in the evenings) I've reached for these. They are easy to use, highly pigmented and super long lasting. I've already got my eye on a few more shades!

L'Oreal Fine Flowers Cleansing Toner
If theres a product thats changed my skincare this year, it's this. It removes your makeup whilst keeping your skin hydrated and refreshed. It also works really well with any moisturiser making any skincare routine really quick and easy.

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow
I feel like Charlotte Tilbury has become my favourite beauty brand this year. Every product I've tried, I absolutely love and I've already made a list of more product's I want to try in the new year! This bronze and highlight duo though is by far my most used bronzer and highlighter this year. It's so natural but can easily be built up to more. It's SO worth the price tag and I know as soon as I run out, I will definetly be repurchasing it !!


Thursday, 28 December 2017

Oh 2017, What A Year

I'm not gunna lie this year has been one big blur. After last year, I was just so focused on taking one day at time that it feels like I suddenly stopped and the next thing I knew it was the bloody countdown to christmas !! Like whaaaaaaat?? I have a love/hate relationship with these in-betweeny days on the lead up to the new year as well. I spend most of my time trying to work out what day it is if I'm honest.
The year started with a mix of emotions, my family marked the one year anniversary of losing my grandad. It was one of the hardest days but at the same time we came together stronger than ever and got through it together. I still miss him like craaaazy though. 
At the end of January I turned 19 which to me is just ridiculous.. My last year of being a teen !! I celebrated with a night out with my two oldest friends and another night out with my family which was just perfect. I can't believe that in a month I'll be 20 it's SO crazy.
In February I went to London with my dad to see Scouting For Girls live again and it was obviously amazing, they always are live. One of my Auntie's all celebrate her 60th with a meal out with the family, another lovely night with lots of prosecco and cake (what more could you want!!)

March and April were also quite busy. I baked pretty much every weekend making orders for different people which was great. Me, my sister and my parents went to Marwell Zoo for the day (where my love for Rhino's started.. !!) We went to see Diversity live again too which as always was bloody brilliant. Also we celebrated my Nan's birthday with another lovely family meal and had a party for my Auntie's 60th birthday which was western themed so I got to dress up as a cowgirl!! I also got my hair dyed for the very first time after putting it off for so long (silly I know, but I was SO nervous!)

Not much happened in May and June. We celebrated my dad's birthday with a trip my fave place Brighton in May, June started with a hen night for 3 girl's at work who were all getting married within two weeks of each other! It was such a good night which the best bunch of girls ever.

July meant the annual Pretty Muddy race with some of the girls from work. We've done it 2 years in a row now and we're definitely doing it again in 2018. Me, my sister and parents also travelled up to Chester for 2 nights to visit Chester Zoo for the day (one of my favourite days out I've ever had.) I did a post here with all my photos from the day. July also saw my mum celebrate her 50th birthday with a lovely jam packed weekend full of food and family.
August was really quiet but September was SO busy! It started with a day trip to Brighton with my sister and our friend where we explored all the amazing places including the lanes and the pier. Then me, my sister and our parents jetted off to Rhodes for two weeks and it was the one of my most favourite holidays ever. I've done a post here full of all the holiday snaps. That was the third time we've been to Rhodes and I'll definitely consider going again, it's SO beautiful.

October started with me still in Rhodes enjoying the sun but after getting home it was very chilled and very quiet (apart from failing my driving test... !)
In November I saw The Band Musical for the first time with my sister and mum and no kidding we booked tickets to see it again a week later. It's THAT amazing. We've also got tickets to see it for the third time in Cardiff in January so I already know my 2018 is getting off to a pretty great start.

And now we're on to December. This month I think has been my favourite. The countdown to Christmas is always a favourite of mine. Working with children it's so lovely to get them excited for Christmas and decorate the nursery. This christmas was so lovely as well, we all piled round my Auntie's house to have dinner together and spend the evening with everyone. There was 10 of us in total and it was so special. My family are the most important thing to me and spending time with them all playing jenga and wearing Christmas hats is my idea of perfect.
December also saw me pass my driving test (woooop!!) I passed the second time with 3 faults and I am SO relieved. I want to do a whole post about my experience on learning to drive because it was such a big deal to me that hopefully I can help someone who is in the same boat as I was.
So all in all this year has been pretty great. It's been filled with family which is the BEST as my family are pretty damn fab. This year has been filled with so many happy moments and memories as well which is exactly what I wanted after last year. So yeah, I'm very happy with this year and hoping 2018 will be just as good.



Friday, 15 December 2017

Charlotte Tilbury Contour & Highlight Wands

It's not often that I find a new beauty product that I instantly fall in love with and use every single day but would you believe it I've actually discovered two (!!) Yes yes they're pretty similar and both from Charlotte Tilbury which by the way is my faaave brand at the moment but they're both SO good I just had to write about them.
I first discovered the Charlotte Tilbury Contour & Highlight wands a few months ago now and I would lying if I didn't say I haven't used them every single day since. They're just that good !!
I find they're best used v v lightly at first for a natural look as then you can always add more if you need too. I blend the contour wand out with any buffing crush I have to hand (normally the RT Powder Bleu Soft Complexion Brush) and the highlight wand with my Zoeva 110.
Both products are soooo creamy without being to tacky or sticky making them an absolute dream to blend and work with. The contour wand (mine is light to medium) is completely matte and the perfect shade to contour with whilst the highlight wand is a shimmery champagne/rose gold toned dream.
For an evening look I tend to add the bronzer from the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow over the top but for everyday I find these on their own are just perfect and 100% worth the money.


Monday, 11 December 2017

5 Last Minute Stocking Fillers

I'm going to say what everyone's thinking, how the heck is it halfway through December already !! It's so so crazy to think it's Christmas is less than two weeks. Hopefully by now you have most of your christmas shopping done (unlike me who's constantly online shopping buying more and more gifts) but I thought I would share 5 quick, easy and last minute ideas that suit everybody. They are all perfect for a secret Santa, stocking filler or just a 'one more little thing' type of present.

I use my tangle teezer every single day and I'm pretty sure most people own one so the limited edition (exclusive to Avon) tangle teezer in rose gold is perfect if you know someone like me. It's £9.99 so you can't really go wrong! It's sparkly and rose gold... what more could you want!?
I find one fool proof gift is definitely a phone case because you can never have enough of them! For more of a special treat you could buy one from higher priced brands like skinny dip (which are also sometimes on offer in home sense if you're lucky to find them !!) but a cheaper one also makes for a great little stocking filler. 
A present that would suit absolutely everyone is definitely a mug. This fox one from John Lewis is already wrapped up and under my tree waiting to be given to my nan!! You can literally get them in any shop ranging from cheap to higher end, you can't really go wrong. Definitely a great last minute buy.
For me I always love when I receive random bits and bobs in my stocking and this book is perfect for just that. It may seem a bit jokey but it's actually really interesting and has some really helpful photography tips! It makes it great for someone you know who has an interest in Instagram or photography (maybe a blogger you know!) 
And finally, what's a stocking without a bobble hat! I haven't stopped wearing this burgundy one from topshop at all and I have so many more colours too. You can get them in so many shops and again, no one can really have enough!

Friday, 17 November 2017

Getting Ready For The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

For me the run up to Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year. I love buying new winter clothes, finding new baking recipes to try and making pin board after pin board on Pinterest full of decorating ideas for the big day. I just LOVE it. I wanted to share some ideas and new purchases I've got already to hopefully help you get ready for Christmas too !!

Anyone that knows me, knows that I loooove to bake and baking all the warming christmassy treats is such a fave of mine. I've already made a big list full of recipe ideas including gingerbread cupcakes, a citrus orange & lemon loaf ~yum~ and I really want to try to make gingerbread men this year too !!

Now without sounding like a granny I love an early night and what's better than having one with a good hot chocolate a damn good book?! I picked up Tanya's Christmas a few weeks ago and as a fan of Tanya's other two books I knew this one would live up to the others (and it really does !!) It's jam packed of ideas to make your Christmas the best it possibly could be. I've already bookmarked some ideas including her recipe for gingerbread cupcakes!!

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am obsessed with Lush and especially at this time of year. Their Christmas range is always amazing and this year was no exception. From bringing back classics like Golden Wonder to introducing new faves like Man In The Moon, it will always have something for everyone. Out of the new releases,  I keep finding myself using two of them over and over. The Merry Berry Christmas Shower Gel and the Bucks Fizz Body Conditioner are both so christmassy that you'll want to snap them now before they go for another year !!

This year I've found myself picking up so many new decorations already. Shops like John Lewis and Next have some amazing stuff this year but also shops like Tiger (where the paper garland is from above) have some lovely bits that are much cheaper ~and also make great blog photo props!!~

I've picked up quite a few bits from Zara this year including the coat in this post and the scarf above which is perfect for layering in the frosty mornings and cold nights. I also bought these boots from Office which I have literally worn everyday since I got them. They're just SO comfy and SO worth the money. I'm just on the look out for the perfect jumper now !!

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Autumn On A Sunday

This time of year are my absolute faaaaaave. Layering up with new winter coats, feeling festive with Halloween and Christmas right around the corner and the fresh crisp mornings and starry nights. However nothing makes me happier at this time of year than muddy forest walks on a Sunday. It's my definition of Autumn. Feeding the ducks by the pond, seeing the different shades of yellow, orange and red leaves and snapping photos of the landscape. Now I've done one of my favourite Autumn things I decided to start making a list of all the other stuff I want to do before it gets to rainy, dark and cold!
 Go Pumpkin Picking
 Do all the Halloween Baking (with all the Pumpkin and Chocolate Orange)
• Actually start my Christmas shopping !!
 Explore even more forests and remember to take my camera
 Find an amazing farmers market and buy all the fruit & veg
 Have a Christmas movie night with Hot Chocolate & Popcorn
 Watch a huuuuge fireworks display
 Make the most of the weekends
 Be braver with my winter wardrobe
• Read more books and listen to more podcasts
Coat - Zara | Jeans - Topshop Jamie | Grey Tee - Topshop


Saturday, 21 October 2017

The Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette

After loving Jaclyn's Highlighter collaboration with Becca I knew I had to get my hands on her new eyeshadow palette with Morphe and after waiting for what feels like fore v e r, BeautyBay finally released it so I snapped one up before it sold out. I'm SO glad I did because look at it !!
It's the perfect 'all year round' palette with golds, browns, oranges, burgundy's and bright blues and greens which Jaclyn all chose herself. There's also a mix of matte and shimmer making it also perfect for day and night time looks. The pigmentation is great, all the shadows are very buildable but also very blendable and easy to work with. However, I do still use a primer with them to make sure they stay on all day.
This palette cost £37 but for 35 highly pigmented eye shadows you can't really go wrong, it's a bit of a bargain and if you're looking for a new eyeshadow palette I really do recommend this one !!

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Rhodes 2017 Holiday Snaps

We all have those places where we can 100% switch off and for me, it's Rhodes. I've been with my family 3 times now and its one of my absolute favourite places. This holiday we ventured out of the hotel a bit more and saw much more of the island than we normally would and if it's even possible I've fallen in love with it even more !!

We hired a car for two days and decided to visit parts of the island that we had never been to before. We visited Rhodes Old Town for a day which was just beautiful. It honestly feels like you've stepped back in time as you walk through old cobble streets to get to the centre and even then every nook and cranny you walk down is just filled with little shops and markets.

We then travelled south another day and stopped off at Monolithos Castle. Me and my dad decided to walk up it and it was so high but the views definitely made it worth it.
After that we kept driving to Prasonisi which is a beach where the Aegean and Mediterranean seas meet and it was by far my favourite part of the holiday. It was just amazing to see something like that in person.

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Top 3 Foundations For All Occasions

Ever since I started wearing foundation I've always been a light to medium coverage kinda girl and over the years I've tried way to many that have failed to live up to expectations and depending on the occasion, I'm constantly finding myself reaching for the same one.

Every Day Pick Me Up
When my skin is going through a bad patch whether its dull, dry or tired I always reach for my Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation for a pick me up. It adds such nice healthy glow that it will always makes my skin look hundred times better than before. It also helps even out any discolouration and gives an all round flawless finish. I use shade 4 and its the perfect shade for me, definitely an essential !!

An Evening Out
If I'm going out for the night I always need a foundation thats a bit more coverage than normal but I still don't like it to heavy so the L'Oreal True Match is perfect for that. At the moment I'm having to mix shades 2.N and 3.N to make the best shade for me but it's definitely worth it. It's easy to blend, very buildable and stays in place all night.

Quick & Easy
For the ultimate everyday light coverage base I use the L'Oreal Nude Magique cushion. It's definitely the lightest coverage of the three for me but it's so quick and easy to apply that it makes for a great everyday foundation as you can easily touch it up without worrying to much and build it up as much as you wish. It's definitely worth trying if you want something to just slightly even out any redness or blemishes but you don't want to feel like you've got a full face on. Plus it literally takes 2 minutes to apply in the morning so what more could you want!?

Friday, 22 September 2017

New Skincare Finds

When it comes to skincare I get so lazy and to be honest I haven't got time to faff with loads of products so when I find something I like I tend to use it for months and months until I find something else. The products I mention in this post are still great but recently I've found myself reaching for these ones.
I've seen so many people rave about the L'Oreal Fine Flowers range for so long so when I saw it on offer in my local boots I had to pick something up. I chose the Cleansing Milk and I'm so happy with it. It's kind an all in one life saver as it removes makeup and acts as a moisturiser getting rid of any dry skin over night !!
I haven't tried anything like this from Soap & Glory before but something about it made me pick it up and like with the L'Oreal Cleansing Milk I'm so happy I did! I get quite dry skin and focusing the scrub on those areas has literally worked wonders. I use this every night on my nose, forehead and chin and my skin has never been better I don't think!
For a Sunday night treat I like to use this L'Oreal Face Mask. The one I have claims to brighten and exfoliate and that is exactly what it does! As soon as I remove it my skin looks much healthier, brighter and more nourished. It's definitely worth picking up!

Monday, 18 September 2017

Miss Patisserie Haul

Anyone that knows me knows how much I love baths and how much I love trying new products for it. I first came across Miss Patisserie in my local boots and instantly fell in love with the whole brand. The colours, scents, packaging and unique products are just so eye catching that I found them online straight away and made an order.
My favourite product that I got (and have since repurchased twice.. !!) is definitely the bath crumble. If they ever bought any more colours out in this I would definitely be the first one to pick some up, its just amazing !! Honestly its so worth trying, even if its just for the instagrammable bath art you get! 
I picked up 3 actual bath bombs in this haul as well, ZiggyUnicorn Hoof and Watermelon Slice. All three of them fizz away really nicely in the bath leaving behind lovely colours and scents.
I picked up the Bath Shard in Fizzy Orange and that's definitely how to some up the scent! It's packed with cocoa and shea butter and acts as a bath melt to leave the water really moisturising for your skin. All you have to do is snap off a piece and drop into your bath for it to work!
I also got carried away scrolling through their range of scrubs and picked up 2. I got the Mango Sugar Scrub and the Sweet Orange Coffee Scrub. My favourite of the two is the sugar scrub as I prefer the mango scent much more over the orange but both are lovely. The sugar scrub is a lot more rough than the coffee scrub making it better for dryer skin in my opinion.
Overall I have loved everything I got and will definitely be making another order soon!

Friday, 1 September 2017

Why I Chose An Apprenticeship

I've been wanting to write this post for a long time now and recently I've been thinking more and more about it and so I decided to finally sit down and do it.
I started college in September 2014 and I chose to study 3 A Levels in Textiles, Photography and Sociology. I was SO ready and excited for it. I couldn't wait to leave school behind me and move on. Fast forward to early 2015 and it was a completely different story. I spent every morning absolutely dreading going and every evening crying to my parents about my teachers, lessons, coursework and more. The thought of getting out of bed and getting on the bus to go was the most horrible feeling and what made it worse is that I couldn't describe to anyone why. My parents emailed my teachers to see if they could help me but thinking about it now I knew really that no one could. What made it worse is that all of my friends around me were so happy and fulfilled. They knew what they wanted, how to get it and where to go in the future, where as I had no idea. I wasn't looking forward with any excitement or joy, instead I just felt tied down by stress that it was slowly turning me into someone who I wasn't without realising it. I was turning into someone I didn't like. Someone that was constantly depressed, constantly moody and constantly tired. I was so overwhelmed that I was forced to see everything in a negative way and it was like tunnel vision and all I could see was it getting worse. I was so low and stressed that nothing anyone did could get me out of it. It sounds so silly writing this all down but I've honestly never felt that crap about anything before and I hope I never do again. I knew there was only one way out of it and that was to leave. Luckily my parents didn't take much convincing and during the easter holidays I managed to get a couple interviews for some apprenticeships in childcare. I didn't get the first job which knocked me back a couple of steps but after interviewing at a second placement they offered me the job there and then and I was SO happy and it felt SO good to say that I wasn't going back to college. My parents emailed my college that same day to say I wasn't coming back. I left college 2 weeks before my first year exams which to some people might sound stupid and trust me, I get a lot of "Why didn't you just do the exams and then leave?" but the thought of doing them made me feel physically sick and not just the usual exam nerves sick. I knew that this was for the best.
Fast forward again to now, nearly 2 and a half years later, and I couldn't be happier with where I am right now. When I got my Level 2 qualification in childcare I was offered a full time job at the same nursery and now I'm only a couple months away from finishing my level 3. Doing an apprenticeship was the best decision I've ever made, being paid to do something I love is just the icing on top of a damn good cake. I still love doing photography as a hobby and would love the opportunity to one day study textiles again maybe but for now I'm completely okay with how everything turned out and I couldn't be happier.

Sunday, 20 August 2017

My Lush Essentials

Anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE Lush and because of this I constantly find myself stocking up on the same few products as they've quickly become my essentials. Brightside bubble bar has been a fave of mine for years now. When you crumble it under running water (I normally get 4 baths out of it) it creates so many bubbles!! It also leaves the water feeling so moisturising and has one of my favourite scents ever as its just all about oranges meaning its so citrusy, fresh and fruity.
Rub Rub Rub is great for when you don't want a scrub that's to harsh on your skin as the sea salt in it is very fine. However, you can use it on dry skin if you want to make it a rougher scrub. It leaves your skin feeling SO smooth and soft after you wash it off and to be honest I've gone through so many tubs of this it's a bit ridiculous!!
Lush shower gels have always been an essential for me but after trying pretty much all of them I've found my trusty favourite in Happy Hippy. I like to use this in the mornings as the grapefruit scent is so fresh that it really wakes you up.
D'Fluff is a recent find but it has already become an essential. Whether you want to shave your legs quickly for a night out or take your time in the bath it's just great. It leaves your skin feeling so smooth and also hydrates it at the same time. You only need the tiniest bit and it smells of fresh strawberries as well so what more could you want!
Sleepy body lotion has recently been all over the blog and twitter circuit so if you haven't heard it then where have you been!? I know for some people it helps them with anxiety or helps them have a better nights sleep, but for me it's just a lovely body lotion for the evenings. Its lavender scent initially put me off but its not overwhelming at all and is actually just really calming which I like. It's really creamy without being sticky and I know I will be repurchasing this for a long long time.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Stila Magnificent Metals Liquid Eye Shadow | Review

I've had these for a while now and I just haaaad to do a quick post on them because they are amazing!!!!! They create the most perfect 'going out out' eye look because they don't budge, don't crease and take literally about 10 seconds to apply... Plus they are all shimmery and sparkly so fool everyone into thinking you've put loads of time into it, but you really haven't!! Yes, they are pricey but you really only need the littlest bit over your lid to blend them out. Do one eye at a time though because they really do dry straight away and do not budge!!
I got the shades 'Kitten Karma' and 'Rose Gold Retro' which when swatched look quite similar, but on the lid they look completely different. Kitten Karma is a lovely champagne shade with fleck of silver and hints of copper whilst Rose Gold Retro is the ultimate rose gold glitter with more flecks of silver. I am definitely going to invest in some more shades!!

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

The Best Day Ever At Chester Zoo !!

So after watching series after series of the TV Show all about Chester Zoo, me and my family (very spontaneously... !!) decided to book a hotel and drive 5 hours to go and visit last Monday and it was the best day out ever ever ever!!
We got there the minute it opened and left right at closing time and to be honest we could of spent even longer walking round, there was just SO much to see!! My favourite bits though were definatly the elephants, butterfly house and the rhino's. Rhino's are my fave animal so seeing baby rhinos was just amazing.. !! I really recommend going if you ever get the chance, we've already said we're going back next year and making it an annual trip.
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