Sunday, 19 March 2017

Getting over a bad week

We've all had those weeks where all you want to do is curl up in your duvet, become a burrito and watch re runs of gossip girl all day and this week has been no exception. It's been stressful, upsetting and most of all frustrating. When it gets like that it hard to focus on anything else when its all you really want to do. I took this weekend to clear my head about the last 7 days and to focus on starting fresh on Monday and along the way I've found some things that really did help.

Let It Out
It doesn't matter how but just let it out. Whether you write it, say it, sing it, scream it, or even text it, just get it out! Tell someone whats going on might scare you or worry you but honestly it will automatically make you feel a million times better once you've done it. 

Lean on People
Lean on people for support and surround yourself with friends and family. People you trust, who are happy and that you always have a good time with because then no matter what happens, you know you've got good eggs around you. 

Let the little things go
When you're having a crappy week it's easy to let even the littlest of things get to you so it's important to step back and gain some prospective. What you might of just let slide in a good week, can feel like the end of the world when you're having a shit week. Was someones snarky comment really the worst thing in the world or was it just another petty little thing on top of the big things?? Deal with the big things first and worry about the petty little things later.

Look after yourself
When you're having a tough week don't forget to love yourself a little bit more. Have a mid week pamper night by turning your phone off, having a bubble bath, using a face mask and actually RELAX. It might be hard because your head might be spinning a hundred miles an hour but just try and let yourself calm down and gather your thoughts.  It really does help.

Refresh for Monday
Monday might normally be your least favourite day of the week because it means getting up early for work after the weekend but after a crappy week surely the best thing is having a fresh start on a Monday morning? Think of it as a clean slate and make sure the new week isn't as bad as the one before.

Friday, 3 March 2017

19 things I've learnt in 19 years

Well considering my 19th birthday was well over a month ago this post is long overdue but hey ho, here goes

1. Hold on to your loved ones, they're not here forever
2. Take photos to remember the good days
3. Positivity will always eventually outweigh negativity
4. We all have bad days
5. Do more of what you love
6. Don't live life through a screen
7. Appreciate whats on your doorstep
8. Your oldest friends aren't always the best ones
9. Know what you want and go for it
10. Sing your heart out where you want and when you want (even if sounds awful)
11. Eat that third bag of crisps or second slice of cake
12. Treat your damn self
13. Your first love probably won't be your last
14. If you're unhappy with something, change it
15. Don't let someone tell you you're not good enough
16. Express yourself whatever way you want
17. No makeup days are the best kind of days
18. Before taking care of others, take care of yourself first
19. Pick your battles
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