Saturday, 24 June 2017

Mid Year Goals

I know everyone is saying this right now but how the hell are we near the end of June already???? I mean seriously????
Anyway... I've never been one to set myself targets or goals to reach by a certain time but after seeing so many people doing it and actually really benefiting from them I thought I should really give it a try so here we go...

1. Stop neglecting my blog
This year without meaning to I've started to neglect things I really love doing. Like this blog. I absolutely love everything about blogging. From creating ideas, taking photos for posts and actually sitting down to write I love love love it yet for some reason I just can't find time for it and I hate that! So that is definitely my number one, I have to start putting some time aside to work on this little space.

2. Work on my photography
Besides this little blog, another one of my loves is definitely photography. Whether its just snapping away on a day out or actually planning shoots and going through with them I love it. I've recently started to really work hard at it so hopefully soon I'll start to improve and have photos that I've actually taken and adore.

3. Pass my driving test
Now this is a touchy subject. I've been learning to drive for what feels like forever and had 3 different instructors but for very different reasons I'm still not ready for my test yet but I really want to be. Since I've started again with my third instructor I've really picked up confidence and have found new motivation to actually do it so fingers crossed hopefully it will happen soon!!

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  1. Good luck! I'm sure that you're going to accomplish all of them. x Nikita

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