Thursday, 28 December 2017

Oh 2017, What A Year

I'm not gunna lie this year has been one big blur. After last year, I was just so focused on taking one day at time that it feels like I suddenly stopped and the next thing I knew it was the bloody countdown to christmas !! Like whaaaaaaat?? I have a love/hate relationship with these in-betweeny days on the lead up to the new year as well. I spend most of my time trying to work out what day it is if I'm honest.
The year started with a mix of emotions, my family marked the one year anniversary of losing my grandad. It was one of the hardest days but at the same time we came together stronger than ever and got through it together. I still miss him like craaaazy though. 
At the end of January I turned 19 which to me is just ridiculous.. My last year of being a teen !! I celebrated with a night out with my two oldest friends and another night out with my family which was just perfect. I can't believe that in a month I'll be 20 it's SO crazy.
In February I went to London with my dad to see Scouting For Girls live again and it was obviously amazing, they always are live. One of my Auntie's all celebrate her 60th with a meal out with the family, another lovely night with lots of prosecco and cake (what more could you want!!)

March and April were also quite busy. I baked pretty much every weekend making orders for different people which was great. Me, my sister and my parents went to Marwell Zoo for the day (where my love for Rhino's started.. !!) We went to see Diversity live again too which as always was bloody brilliant. Also we celebrated my Nan's birthday with another lovely family meal and had a party for my Auntie's 60th birthday which was western themed so I got to dress up as a cowgirl!! I also got my hair dyed for the very first time after putting it off for so long (silly I know, but I was SO nervous!)

Not much happened in May and June. We celebrated my dad's birthday with a trip my fave place Brighton in May, June started with a hen night for 3 girl's at work who were all getting married within two weeks of each other! It was such a good night which the best bunch of girls ever.

July meant the annual Pretty Muddy race with some of the girls from work. We've done it 2 years in a row now and we're definitely doing it again in 2018. Me, my sister and parents also travelled up to Chester for 2 nights to visit Chester Zoo for the day (one of my favourite days out I've ever had.) I did a post here with all my photos from the day. July also saw my mum celebrate her 50th birthday with a lovely jam packed weekend full of food and family.
August was really quiet but September was SO busy! It started with a day trip to Brighton with my sister and our friend where we explored all the amazing places including the lanes and the pier. Then me, my sister and our parents jetted off to Rhodes for two weeks and it was the one of my most favourite holidays ever. I've done a post here full of all the holiday snaps. That was the third time we've been to Rhodes and I'll definitely consider going again, it's SO beautiful.

October started with me still in Rhodes enjoying the sun but after getting home it was very chilled and very quiet (apart from failing my driving test... !)
In November I saw The Band Musical for the first time with my sister and mum and no kidding we booked tickets to see it again a week later. It's THAT amazing. We've also got tickets to see it for the third time in Cardiff in January so I already know my 2018 is getting off to a pretty great start.

And now we're on to December. This month I think has been my favourite. The countdown to Christmas is always a favourite of mine. Working with children it's so lovely to get them excited for Christmas and decorate the nursery. This christmas was so lovely as well, we all piled round my Auntie's house to have dinner together and spend the evening with everyone. There was 10 of us in total and it was so special. My family are the most important thing to me and spending time with them all playing jenga and wearing Christmas hats is my idea of perfect.
December also saw me pass my driving test (woooop!!) I passed the second time with 3 faults and I am SO relieved. I want to do a whole post about my experience on learning to drive because it was such a big deal to me that hopefully I can help someone who is in the same boat as I was.
So all in all this year has been pretty great. It's been filled with family which is the BEST as my family are pretty damn fab. This year has been filled with so many happy moments and memories as well which is exactly what I wanted after last year. So yeah, I'm very happy with this year and hoping 2018 will be just as good.



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