Saturday, 3 March 2018

50 Things I Learnt When Going Through My Teens

I've had the idea to do this post since I first started this blog I think. Over the last year or so I've created a list on my phone that I add to if I think of a new point for it, and ~finally~ now I'm no longer a teen thanks to turning 20 in January (whaaaaaat) the time has come for me to write it !! And no, this isn't in any order, it's literally one big brain dump of absolutely everything I've learnt over the last 7ish years...

1. You're not going to like everyone you meet and not everyone will like you either
2. Yes periods suck, but no you don't have to struggle with them
3. What feels like the biggest problem in the world, really isn't
4. Be careful who you call your 'friend'
5. True friends build you up not break you down
6. It's okay to do what the hell you want with your life
7. No you don't have to go to uni
8. Or college for that matter
9. It gets SO much better
10. Stick up for yourself a little bit more
11. School really does end at some point, it may not seem like it, but it really does
12. You may not want to, but you will have days where you miss it
13. Don't put to much pressure on yourself, it doesn't do any good
14. GCSE results really don't mean everything !!
15. There is always someone going through the exact same thing as you even if it doesn't feel like it
16. Don't squash yourself down to please someone else, if you're smart/clever/correct OWN IT
17. Take things at your own pace, don't rush to keep up everyone else
18. It's okay to not know what you want from life when you're only 16
19. Even if it seems like everyone around you at school knows what they're doing, there's a high chance they probably don't
20. Take care of your skin when you're 13, you will love yourself for it when you're 18
21. Hormones make everything confusing, just remember to take a minute to clear your head
22. Always have spare pads or tampons on you because even if you don't need them, a girl around you will
23. Your first night 'out out' will go wrong but thats okay
24. A beer coat only lasts so long, wear a pair of bloody tights girl
25. Your first kiss will go wrong but thats okay too
26. Don't force yourself to do something you aren't comfortable with
27. Girls who you meet in the loo's on a night out are some of the best people ever
28. It's okay to know you've had enough to drink
29. It's okay to admit you prefer a night in than a night out
30. But it's okay to love a night out
31. Always make sure you've got a lift home
32. Make sure you have people in your life you can lean on
33. Without even realising it, you are growing up
34. You wear what the hell you wanna wear and eat what the hell you wanna eat
35. It's okay to be whatever shape or size you are, love and own it
36. Just because everyone seems to doesn't mean you have to
37. Hash browns and ketchup is the best hangover food ever
38. Grief comes in all shapes and sizes
39. It'll also knock you back a few steps when you least expect it
40. Time is the best healer
41. As is a warm bubble bath, bag of crisps and a Fanta lemon
42. Gilmore Girls and Gossip Girl will teach you a hell of a lot about yourself and I still don't really know why
43. Social Media never shows the whole story
44. Whoever you call family, they are the most important people in your life
45. There will be times where you are wrong
46. Be the bigger person, admit it and say sorry
47. You will have moments when you look back at people you went to school with and realise you've moved on
48. Starting this blog is the best thing I've ever done
49. It's hard to make new friends when you're older, but you'll find it's those ones that stick

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