Sunday, 1 April 2018

An Honest Glossier Review... Is It Worth It?

I feel like when Glossier announced it's delivery to the UK the whole blogging internet world went a lil bit stir crazy and rightly so, the brand is pretty fab. I've waited until now to make my first order as I wanted to be 100% happy with what I bought and after reading and researching what feels like a million posts and videos of reviews I wanted to share with you what I finally decided to pick up and what I think about them.


Now this is my favourite thing I picked up by far. I'm always on the look for new cleansers to try especially with my dry, red and spotty skin. After hearing so many rave reviews about this I had high expectations and unbelievably it has lived up to them. As a quick morning cleanse this has become a staple in my skincare routine as it leaves my skin feeling soft and a bit more perked up than it was before and I definitely recommend it for that !


Now what more do I need to say apart from a lip balm that slightly shimmers and smells like bloody birthday cake...?? It's FAB. As well as that it's actually a pretty damn good lip balm as well, it comes out the tube quite thick but it soon blends and smooths over your lips so its not to tacky. It's healed my dry cracked lips from this weather too so its a bit of a miracle worker !!


If I'm being completely honest, this is a tad bit expensive for what it is, for £18 I just expected a little bit more. BUT... that doesn't mean it's not good, for me it's just not £18 good. It is really creamy, dries evenly and leaves your skin feeling soft but I don't know, it just didn't  "wow"  me. It is good for a quick little pick me up but it doesn't do anything life changing. I am interested in trying the Moisturising Moon Mask so maybe that'll suit my skin better !!

I bought the shade 'CUB' and I love this. It's super creamy, lasts all day and it's just lovely for an everyday wash of colour and shimmer. It's not to overpowering but can be built up or used as a base for a stronger look if you fancy. But for me, this is just great on its own for an easy quick eye look. I definitely want to get some more shades soon (I'm thinking 'FAWN' and 'SLIP'...)


I picked up the shade 'QUARTZ' and I was a bit let down. I know the basis of Glossier makeup is to be simple and natural but for me this is just a sheer wash of shimmer that to be honest, doesn't really show up on the skin (under or on top of makeup) and as a girl who likes a bold highlight it just didn't tick all the boxes. However, if you're someone who loves a natural glossy look then this would be perfect for you as it does give your skin a dewy gloss, just not a strong highlight.

SO... there are definitely a few products that I will be repurchasing (Balm Dot Com and Milky Jelly Cleanser!!), products that I want to try more off (Lidstar, I want all the shades...) but there are definitely a couple I won't be repurchasing. Overall though I'm very happy with my first Glossier order and I can myself making another one very very soon...!!

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