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I keep putting off writing this post because to be honest, it makes to sad to look at the photos because I want to go back soooo badly!! On the 3rd of May me and my family flew off to Disneyland for 4 days and it really was the most magical holiday ever, so much so that we've already looked into going again! We went 15 years ago but now that me and my sister are older and even bigger Disney fans, we knew we had to go back. It was a bit of a spontaneous trip as we only booked it 6 weeks before we went but we were SO excited!!!! 


We landed at lunch time on the 3rd of May and dumped our bags off at the hotel (we stayed at Newport Bay Club, which was amazing!!) and then jumped on the shuttle bus to the park. We did not waste any time at all! The first thing we did was buy ears (obviously) and then headed straight for the castle. Without sounding over the top, nothing beats seeing it for the first time, it's so beautiful! We then stopped off for some food on Main Street, I totally recommend the nuggets, I may of had 2 pots of them that day...! We then sat down on the pavement to eat when the music blared on for the Pirate vs Princess parade which was a total surprise! The theme for when we went was Pirate and Princesses which was perfect for us as me and my sister LOVE all things Disney princess (maybe her more than me but still..) That parade is just FAB, we watched it a few times while we were there and it never stopped being fab. The colours, the characters, the music... it was just soooo magical. Definitely the best start to our trip. 
After that we headed for fantasyland and queued to meet Alice and the Mad Hatter who were just LOVELY and a really good meet, the queue was small and the cast that helped at the meet were all really great. After that (based on Alice's recommendation..!) we went round the Curious Labyrinth maze which was so good. We then headed to Discovery Land and went on Buzz Lightyear's ride which was so fun, we went on it twice we loved it SO much.
After that we headed back to the castle to watch the 25th anniversary parade which was a one of my favourite parts of the trip. The parade floats were just something else, it honestly feels like a dream just watching it!We then went to the Pirates of the Caribbean restaurant for dinner and headed back to the hotel because we were shattered!!!


Day 2 meant was all about meeting characters in the Disneyland Park. We all had a certain character we wanted to meet and for me it was anyone from Winnie the Pooh (my absolute FAVE thing about Disney, I've loved it since I was little!!) We planned our day around the character schedule and started with Winnie the Pooh in Fantasy Land. The meet that day was with the rabbit so the queue was super short and took no time at all. I was v v v happy, the rabbit was SO cute.
After that, the next thing on our list was my dad's favourite, Baloo!! Baloo's meet was in adventure land so it was only a short walk. Again, my dad has loved the Jungle Book since he was a kid so this made him SO happy! I've never seen my dad SO excited about something before. This was definitely one of the best moments of the holiday!
After that we headed to Frontier land and met Woody (my mum's favourite!!) We were lucky that it was him as the day before it was Jessie.  We then headed back to Adventure Land as on the way to Baloo we walked past a Captain Hook and Smee meet which wasn't on the schedule and was a total surprise!! Peter Pan and Wendy were also out in a separate queue but we chose to meet Hook & Smee instead. We walked past Chip & Dale on the way to them but the queue was ridiculous!
Hook & Smee were SO good to meet, they spent ages with us taking so many photos and joking around (Hook stole my ears!!) I also knocked Smee into a bush by accident when I hugged him oops.
We then headed back to Fanasty Land and queued to meet Mickey Mouse in his house. We queued for about 45 minutes which was not at all!! He was brilliant to meet because you got sooo much time with him and so many photos, it was definitely worth the queue.


Day three was spent in the Walt Disney Studios. We got there for early magic hours (which are AMAZING) and jumped on a ride. Dad and Amy went on Rock n Roller Coaster and me and Mum wen ton the Ratatouille ride which was my absolute FAVOURITE ride of the whole holiday. It's just SO good, I can't even explain how different and good it is because I'll make it sound rubbish but honestly, if you ever have the opportunity to go on it, DO! It's definitely worth going on it in early magic hours or at least get a fast pass because the queue quickly built up. We actually got a fast pass to go on it again that day we loved it so much.
After that it was another day of meets. We planned to queue for Moana and then Minnie Mouse but in early magic hours, Minnie Mouse was out with NO queue! So we jumped in that and met her and then queued for Moana. This was the longest queue of the holiday (2 hours!!) but she is my's favourite so it was worth it. Again, she took so much time with us it's definitely worth the queue. After that we walked past Sulley who was out in the Monsters Inc area. He was a surprise unplanned meet and he was definitely one of my favourites. I'm SO glad we met him. What made it better was that Cruella De Ville came out too and met him!! We then saw that another queue was forming by the magic carpet ride and after speaking to a cast member they told us that Aladdin was coming out with Princess Jasmine which was really rare so we quickly jumped in that queue. It was defiantly a surprise to meet a princess like that as they are normally SO hard to meet but they were both SO lovely.
We then finished the day with a walk through the shops in the studios and a surprise Incredibles parade (which was hilarious!)


Now if theres one thing I recommend doing with your early magic hours it's to run to the Princess Pavillion and get in the queue. We didn't really plan on doing this but when we got to the park (super duper early) and saw people queueing at the front (by the castle) waiting for Fantasy land to be opened we knew what was going on. The last character that was on our 'to meet list' was a princess in the Pavilion but every time we looked at the queue it was always ridiculously long.
I'm not even kidding you, once that barrier was opened people were running SO fast to get to the pavilion (literally dad's with pushchairs and babies were sprinting ahead) it was like a bloody Boxing Day sale but OMG it was worth it because we got third in the queue and only waited 10 minutes to meet Aurora!!!! It was so manic though, mums were waiting in line and dads were chucking their babies over the barrier at them it was MENTAL but so worth it. You don't know what princess you're going to meet but we were SO chuffed with Aurora.
We then went back to the Winnie the Pooh meet to see if the character had changed because to be completely honest I wanted to meet someone else because everyone else had met their fave characters, I wanted to as well! Anyone that knows me knows that Eeyore if my fave character and I'm even not joking, I screamed and nearly cried when I saw it was him. It made my whole holiday meeting him, definitely my favourite moment of the whole trip.
We then only had a short time left of our holiday which was SO sad but we decided to use it wisely and queue at the front for the Pirate and Princess parade. This was such a good decision because the view we had of the princesses was just INSANE. It was by far the best way to end the most amazing holiday EVER.
For anyone that is in two minds about going to Disneyland Paris, the only thing I can say is to just DO IT. You will not regret it AT ALL. I loved it so so so much, it really is the most magical holiday ever. We were all so happy the whole time (and bloody shattered mind its a hell of a lot of walking in 30 degree heat!!) but oh my life it's worth it.




  1. It sounds and looks like you had the best time! Totally agree with you that nothing beats seeing the castle for the first time xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. thank you! no it really really doesn't!xx

  2. omg your photos are incredible!! it looks like you had the best time xx


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